Map of Galicia, Spain

Screenshot of our map of Galicia

The godello grape

Early-ripening, normal-skinned godello (aka verdello) is another up-and-comer and one of our favorite whites. Godello-based wines have the big fruit, mineral notes and acidity of albariño (peaches, citrus, apple), but with a bit more body and slightly higher alcohol. While Galicia’s star albariño grape has become increasingly well known internationally, godello continues to fall below most consumers’ radar screens; this has served to make godellos excellent values. The best are from Galicia’s Valdeorras and Monterrei DOs and Castilla y León’s Bierzo DO, although quality offerings can also be found in Galicia’s Ribeira Sacra and Ribeiro DOs.

The Wines of Galicia, Spain

Galicia is one of our favorite regions in Spain, due in large part to its tremendous whites based on the albariño and godello varieties. Look to the excellent Rias Baixas DO for albariño and the Valdeorras DO for godello. However, red lovers need not despair: the mencía variety (similar stylistically to cabernet franc) produces high quality wines, with a rich, earthy character. The best mencías are from the Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras DOs.


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