Australian Wine App

AG Wine is the best Australian wine app for the iPhone and iPad, giving you all the information you need to learn about and choose wines from Australia.

Learn about the wines of Australia

Map of Australia (from the AG Wine app)

Use our top-rated wine app on your iPhone or iPad to learn about Australia’s wine regions and grape varieties. We help you learn how to choose wines that are most likely going to give you a great wine every time. Simply look for our logo to identify our favorite wine regions and grape varieties, chosen for their overall consistency, quality, and price-value.

Help with choosing wine while on the go

AG Wine was specifically designed to allow anyone to quickly make a well-informed choice without having to know every bottle’s ratings. While ratings are valuable, when trying to choose a wine at a store or restaurant, it can slow you down.  This is why we developed an approach to help you choose your next bottle of wine and give you the confidence to order without needing individual bottle ratings. And the best part? You never need an internet connection to use our app!

Perfect for travel to Australia

Visiting Australia and want to ‘drink local’? Just search by region and be prepared to order like an Aussie! And the best part? Our wine app never requires an internet connection, making it ideal for travelers who do not have an unlimited international data plan (no expensive roaming charges).

Also available: Our Australia wine guide ebook

Australia Wine Guide eBook for Kindle, iPad and Nook

Our ebook is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about Australia’s wine regions, grapes, appellations, and vintages.

Get region-by-region reviews of each of the country’s 11 wine producing regions, straightforward vintage ratings, and high-resolution maps for each region.

Available at, Barnes & Noble, and on iTunes.


The most comprehensive wine app on the market

AG Wine covers every grape and appellation from all of Australia’s wine regions:

  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • Western Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Queensland