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Approach Guides Wine is the first app to take a content-driven approach — providing detailed, country-specific profiles of regions, appellations, grape varieties and vintages — that empowers users to make informed wine choices.  This unique approach has made AG Wine the most respected wine app on the market, used by professionals and consumers around the world, from New York City to Hong Kong.

“This is a great app for wine drinkers who don’t know specifics about which wines they want, but have a sense for what they’re looking for.” Read more reviews.

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Meet the Founders

Jennifer & David RaezerJennifer Raezer and David Raezer are the creators of Approach Guides Wine.

Jennifer oversees marketing and business development for Approach Guides Wine and is responsible for shaping the apps’ usability and personality. Previously, Jennifer has held marketing positions with consumer and B2B internet companies including Livebookings, Liveperson, and She began her career in advertising with Bozell Worldwide working on the Mass Mutual and Lycos accounts.  Jennifer holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Maryland.

David brings his writing and research expertise to build and oversee the detailed profiles of wine regions, appellations, and grape varieties.  Prior to starting Approach Guides, David worked for ten years as a sell-side equity research analyst covering technology for Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Montgomery Securities, and Schroders.  He received his B.A. with honors from Harvard, with a concentration in Government.

Amudo, a design and development firm, coded the entire application—both iPhone and iPad versions—and is responsible for all technical aspects of the app.

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